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Round 1: This round was an MCQ round. It consists of 30 MCQs which were based on aptitude and reasoning and basic MCQs of javascript and oops, DBMS were also asked. The level of questions was between easy and medium.

Round 2:  This round was coding around three codes that were asked I only remember one now that was a group anagram and the other two were theory-based problems but it was of the easy level you will be able to solve all the three questions was not that hard to level. The level was easy according to me.

Round 3: This round was an interview round. I explained to them about my project and one coding question was asked me. An array was given to you in which there was the age of some children you have to distribute chocolate to them such that eldest one gets the least chocolate and the youngest one should be getting more chocolate than the older one. Finally, the interviewer asked me do you have any further study plans and the interview was over.

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